17 September 2012
HOT100 Dutch Talents

HOT100 Dutch Talents

Text by Design.nl:


Virtueel Platform this week announced it’s list of most creative upcoming media talents among the recent graduates of Dutch art academies, universities and universities of applied science in the fields of design, theory, communication and development skills.

The ‘HOT100’ will be honoured during a special session at the PICNIC-festival  in Amsterdam today, 17 September. Apart from being honoured and treated to lectures, they will be asked to work on tasks posed to them by broadcasters, publishers, and financial institutions among others.  

Virtueel Platform believes new generations of talented students have a lot to offer, with a fresh look at socio-technical developments in e-culture. For six consecutive years Virtueel Platform has selected the HOT100, creating an invaluable network: the HOT100 Club.

The selection is based on nominations from around 25 different educational institutions with relevant courses. They’re asked to name the three most talented students of the last years. Virtueel Platform bases its selection on these nominations. The latest list can be seen and/or downloaded here.



Via: Design.nl