23 September 2010
New Dutch Digital Design

New Dutch Digital Design

Press release:


Three premieres in Paris, Utrecht and Enschede.

Studio Roosegaarde has 3 exciting interactive premieres this week. Our Lotus 7.0 with its hundreds of heat sensitive foils will unfold themselves at museum Le Cube in Paris, high-tech garment Intimacy will become transparant based on social interactions at Centraal Museum and a special public pavilion 'Divine' will interact at Museumlaan in Enschede.


Lotus 7.0 is a living wall made out of smart foils which fold open in response to human behavior. Walking by 'Lotus 7.0', hundreds of aluminium foils unfold themselves in an organic way; generating transparent voids between private and public. Here physical walls become immaterial, through a poetic morphing of space and people.


Intimacy is a fashion project about the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments 'Intimacy White' and 'Intimacy Black' are made out of interactive technologies and smart e-foils which become transparent based on personal interactions. Here social interactions determine the level of transparency; creating a sensual play of disclosure.



'Don't copy & paste, but copy & morph,' is Daan Roosegaarde's statement. Hear and see him explain it in this TEDtalk.



Via: StudioRoosegaarde.net